3 Social Media Tips For Halloween

halloween tips

Halloween is a holiday where the usual social media rules don’t apply.  Say good bye to the business, safe, and professional posts and say hello to the fun, goofy, and casual posts.  Today is a day where no matter what type of business or person you are, people want to see the real you.

Here are 3 Social Media Marketing Tips for Halloween brought to you by Influence PRX!

  • Post a Happy Halloween post on every single social media platform you are on.  This can be a picture of you, a picture of your team, a graphic with your logo on it, or even a picture of your kids or yourself dressed up!  If you aren’t staying in front of people, guess what, your competition is.  With how fast social media moves, you have to be posting everyday to stay in front of your customers and potential customers.
  • VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO! By 2019 80% of the internet will be video.  Stay ahead of your competition and start posting video.  If at least one of your Halloween posts can be video then post a video.  Here’s a great example of a video our client The Livingston Group shot today.  We posted it online and even boosted it as a Facebook Ad so all their followers and friends would see it! *Instagram Stories Tip*  When posting on Instagram Stories you will reach local new followers by tagging the city you are in.  When your Instagram Story is tagged to a city then you are driving traffic to your video and possibly your Instagram page by using the feature.  Just make sure your page is public :)
  • Send your clients a Halloween Gift then post about it on social media.  This serves two purposes. 1. It shows your clients that you are thinking of them and it is always great to give back to your clients.  2. It shows your potential clients that you take care of your clients.

Moral of the story, you have to post at least once on your social media accounts today.  If not 2-3 times today!  Remember, your clients, potential clients, friends and family want to see the candy, costumes, and silly side of you and your business.  After all….IT’S HALLOWEEN!

Happy Halloween!



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