Must Have Social Media Tool For Video

Did you know that video will account for 79% of Global Internet Traffic by 2020?  That means in just 2 years, most online users will be looking at videos.  I’m here to tell you that NOW is the time to start shooting video, going live on Instagram and Facebook, and just creating video based content for your social media.

This is the time to get acclimated and prepared for the shift that’s coming, so start getting comfortable with video!

Today I went live on Instagram and Facebook to share this awesome must-have tool for shooting video that was only $22 on Amazon!  Get it through my affiliate link by clicking the image below.  I tested it out all day today and I am in LOVE.  It comes with the perfect light that clears up my skin and makes me video ready.  The phone holder and light both are movable so you can get the angle you like.  Click the link below and check it out.  It’s a must-have for video!

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