Lavalier Mic For Shooting Video With Your iPhone

As social media transitions more and more towards video, Influence PRX is here to bring you easy to purchase, must-have tools for to up your social media game.  Recently, Tanya Kara tested out a Lavalier Mic off Amazon to improve her video quality, and loved it! Watch the video below for her thoughts and click below to purchase one for yourself.  Let us know how you like it on our YouTube channel!


This mic is a great addition to your video-making collection as you start off shooting video for your social media marketing, and at $12.99 you can’t go wrong!  Click the image below to purchase yours on Amazon.


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How to Handle a Bad Yelp or Google Review

As an online business, asking your happy customers for a review is a must. At Influence PRX, we advise all our clients to ask their satisfied customers for a review, whether it be a Yelp, Facebook, or Zillow review. When you’re going up against another business, reviews are what will set you apart from the others.

Building a good reputation can take some time, but it’s worth it. Even a bad review is ok if it’s handled correctly. Don’t stress about it, make it work to your advantage and concentrate on the good ones! See what Tina has to say about handling bad reviews.

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