Is Snapchat Dead in 2018?

Snapchat has been known to be a social media platform where the younger demographics post.  If you’re a business that has a large amount of teenage customers, Snapchat is the place to be on top of Instagram and Facebook, however what if your business caters to the age range of 25+?

I did some research and in my opinion, if a large amount of your customers is 25+ in age, you don’t need Snapchat for your business right now.  Instagram and Facebook is the place to be for businesses, so you would get more out of your efforts by utilizing Instagram and Facebook.

Watch my video below for more information and be sure to contact us if you have any social media questions.

If you watched my video from October 2017 about Snapchat’s context card release you’ll know that Snapchat has been making many attempts to widen their demographics and attract a wider range of users, but it hasn’t really been working.   It still stands where the younger demographics use Snapchat as a social media platform where they can post things and their parents and family cannot see it, while they can still connect with their friends.  The older demographics are using Snapchat just for the filters then transferring it to Instagram Stories.

So what do you think?  Do you think Snapchat is dying?  Comment and let us know your thoughts!

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Lavalier Mic For Shooting Video With Your iPhone

As social media transitions more and more towards video, Influence PRX is here to bring you easy to purchase, must-have tools for to up your social media game.  Recently, Tanya Kara tested out a Lavalier Mic off Amazon to improve her video quality, and loved it! Watch the video below for her thoughts and click below to purchase one for yourself.  Let us know how you like it on our YouTube channel!


This mic is a great addition to your video-making collection as you start off shooting video for your social media marketing, and at $12.99 you can’t go wrong!  Click the image below to purchase yours on Amazon.


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How to Handle a Bad Yelp or Google Review

As an online business, asking your happy customers for a review is a must. At Influence PRX, we advise all our clients to ask their satisfied customers for a review, whether it be a Yelp, Facebook, or Zillow review. When you’re going up against another business, reviews are what will set you apart from the others.

Building a good reputation can take some time, but it’s worth it. Even a bad review is ok if it’s handled correctly. Don’t stress about it, make it work to your advantage and concentrate on the good ones! See what Tina has to say about handling bad reviews.

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Must Have Social Media Tool For Video

Did you know that video will account for 79% of Global Internet Traffic by 2020?  That means in just 2 years, most online users will be looking at videos.  I’m here to tell you that NOW is the time to start shooting video, going live on Instagram and Facebook, and just creating video based content for your social media.

This is the time to get acclimated and prepared for the shift that’s coming, so start getting comfortable with video!

Today I went live on Instagram and Facebook to share this awesome must-have tool for shooting video that was only $22 on Amazon!  Get it through my affiliate link by clicking the image below.  I tested it out all day today and I am in LOVE.  It comes with the perfect light that clears up my skin and makes me video ready.  The phone holder and light both are movable so you can get the angle you like.  Click the link below and check it out.  It’s a must-have for video!

3 Social Media Tips For Halloween

halloween tips

Halloween is a holiday where the usual social media rules don’t apply.  Say good bye to the business, safe, and professional posts and say hello to the fun, goofy, and casual posts.  Today is a day where no matter what type of business or person you are, people want to see the real you.

Here are 3 Social Media Marketing Tips for Halloween brought to you by Influence PRX!

  • Post a Happy Halloween post on every single social media platform you are on.  This can be a picture of you, a picture of your team, a graphic with your logo on it, or even a picture of your kids or yourself dressed up!  If you aren’t staying in front of people, guess what, your competition is.  With how fast social media moves, you have to be posting everyday to stay in front of your customers and potential customers.
  • VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO! By 2019 80% of the internet will be video.  Stay ahead of your competition and start posting video.  If at least one of your Halloween posts can be video then post a video.  Here’s a great example of a video our client The Livingston Group shot today.  We posted it online and even boosted it as a Facebook Ad so all their followers and friends would see it! *Instagram Stories Tip*  When posting on Instagram Stories you will reach local new followers by tagging the city you are in.  When your Instagram Story is tagged to a city then you are driving traffic to your video and possibly your Instagram page by using the feature.  Just make sure your page is public :)
  • Send your clients a Halloween Gift then post about it on social media.  This serves two purposes. 1. It shows your clients that you are thinking of them and it is always great to give back to your clients.  2. It shows your potential clients that you take care of your clients.

Moral of the story, you have to post at least once on your social media accounts today.  If not 2-3 times today!  Remember, your clients, potential clients, friends and family want to see the candy, costumes, and silly side of you and your business.  After all….IT’S HALLOWEEN!

Happy Halloween!



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New Snapchat Update: Context Cards

Hi! Tanya with Influence PRX here!  When I tell people their digital presence is extremely important for their business I’m not kidding!  Yesterday’s Snapchat update is proof!

Snapchat just introduced Context Cards which offers information from partners like Uber, Lyft, OpenTable, and Foursquare.  Snapchat’s latest feature gives Snapchat users more information about the photos and videos shared by their friends and the people they follow, all while driving traffic to businesses like restaurants, Uber, Lift, and their other partners!

The new feature was launched yesterday and it lets Snapchat users swipe up on individual snaps to see an interactive pop-up display with information associated with that specific Snapchat Geofilter.  Depending on the snap’s tagged location, the Context Card can include anything from general information about a venue (like a hotel or restaurant) to user reviews, directions, and additional Snapchat posts from that location.

In addition, Snapchat’s Context Cards also pulls from information from their new partners like Foursquare, restaurant reservations services OpenTable and Resy, Uber and Lyft.  Snapchat plans to bring on more partners so they can continue to give their users more interactive tools.

“With Context Cards, Snaps have become the visual starting point for learning more about the world, empowering our community to get more information about anything that catches their eye,” the company said yesterday 10/10/2017.

Influence PRX thoughts & tips:  With Snapchat’s new update, we urge businesses to work on their digital presence.  What comes up when someone googles you?  Are you consistently active on social media?  Are you keeping up with all the digital marketing and social media changes and trends? You should be capitalizing on all that is available for people to find your business right now! Go to our contact us page and send us an email.  Influence PRX specializes in consulting and managing social media for businesses.  We’re here to help regardless of where you are in your business.

Digital World = The New World



Right now we live in a time where having a storefront is still a plus. However, as the internet continues to take over, more apps are being developed, and shipping goes from a few days to a few hours; storefronts will just become a fun place to visit, great for branding and establishing a company’s physical presence in the real world, but digital is going to take over.  Digital sales are going to dominate retail…and that will be the new way of life.

Everyone will soon be shopping online and stores will be mostly for fun and leisure.

What if your business is a hair salon, nail salon, restaurant or service oriented business?  Social media marketing and online marketing is going to take over just as much of your business as it will in a retail business.  How you ask?  People will be swayed and sold on going to the “cool” and “popular” locations that they see on Facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets, simply because they saw their friends, family or favorite influencers going there!  They may even do their own research by following your business page on social media, googling your business or looking on yelp for reviews. And guess what?  If your business isn’t online and doesn’t have a digital presence you WILL fall behind.

Some may feel behind, some may feel ahead, but no matter where you are in your business, right now is the PERFECT time to start working on your online presence.


My Story:

Hi! I’m Tanya Kara, Founder, Partner, and Digital Strategist at Influence PRX.  I started off as a business owner 9 years ago when I started my jewelry company Tanya Kara Jewelry and knew that social media was a great way to drive traffic to my online jewelry store. So I set up a MySpace business page (LOL). I was posting pictures of my jewelry and linking it to the website where you can purchase it. It was brilliant! Literally the start of my social media and digital marketing career. Fast forward through using twitter and Facebook…..then when Instagram came out I started a business page just like I did on MySpace, FB, and Twitter and because there was barely anyone using IG for business my jewelry company blew up. I then had a ton of businesses contacting me asking me to help them with their social media which is when I started Influence PRX. Now we help businesses with their social media and even some business development. From monthly social media management, to content creation, to posting and consulting, I implement everything I learned to help others establish themselves online.  I have spoken at expos and events such as Poshmark App’s  yearly conference PoshFest about “Building an Empire Starts With Your Brand” in San Fransisco and I am speaking again this September at Femargent’s App Launch Party  Social Media Marketing Workshop in Downtown LA.  (Enter Imedia for 15% off tickets).  So you can say social media is my thing!  It’s my passion!  It’s what I feel so alive doing everyday!


What we offer:

Here at Influence PRX, we focus on:

  • Monthly Social Media Management For Businesses and Individuals
  • Getting Businesses on the “Digital Map”
  • 1 on 1 Social Media Educational Trainings (in-person and webinars)
  • Live Social Media Coverage for Events, Expos and Parties

Influence PRX is a business based out of Orange County, CA that focuses on social media marketing, online branding, digital marketing, and helping businesses and individuals create the online presence they want and need.   We service the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, however from Seattle, to Vietnam, to other states in the U.S. we have been helping clients all over the world.


Whether you are tech savvy or just a beginner, you know everyone is always on their phone.  You can be standing in line at the grocery store, or even at a stop light in your car, and you will see everyone on their phones at every waiting moment.  As time goes by, we are less in the moment, less in the physical world, and more in-tune with the digital world.

The digital world is where we get our news, where we keep in touch with old friends, where we do our research to find out if someone or a business is reputable, and even where we order our family pictures, clothes, etc.



It is undeniable that this world is going digital day by day and social media is constantly changing and updating.  So if you are ready to take your business to the next level and create a credible online presence, send me an email!  I am here to help.


Thank you for stopping by and if you have any questions simply contact me at and be sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat @tanyakara.

Cheers to embracing the digital era, monetizing it, and our success!


How to Use the Poshmark App to Market Your Business


Last Saturday, I co-hosted a Poshmark Posh & Sip Event in Los Angeles at the Perch Rooftop Bar in the heart of Downtown L.A.  I co-hosted with Poshmark top-seller @bellanblue  with over 420,000 followers and @shoptheaivy founder of the go-to store for incredible deals.  This event was an absolute hit and again, we are grateful for all of you that joined, and thankful for Poshmark for the opportunity.


Some of you may be wondering what the Poshmark App is.  Poshmark is an app where you can buy and sell all things fashion, from mens, to womens, to kids, used and new.  This app has completely blown up over the last few years and is starting to dominate the fashion marketplace.  You can get a lightly used Louis Vuitton purse to a brand new wardrobe, to a men’s Gucci belt all in one place!  The great thing about this app is that there are so many users on there, that you can actually build your Instagram following off of Poshmark.

My Poshmark Jewelry Boutique @tanyakara has over 330,000 followers now and a lot of those followers end up trickling into my Instagram and Facebook accounts, building my following, and helping me in my business!

If you are using social media and online marketing to grow your business (fashion or not)  Poshmark is a great way to sell clothes and fashion items and make money + network with other like minded people that are social media lovers, that refer to social media for their buying decisions.

Using the Poshmark app is a must.  It is as important as Facebook and Instagram to me and my business.  Again, if you are growing your online presence, open up a Poshmark account, buy on the app, sell on the app, become a member of the community, attend events such as the Posh & Sip event we hosted, DEFINITELY attend Poshfest in Chicago this year, and see all the opportunity that can come your way.

Poshmark is by far my favorite app.  Send me an email and let me know how I can help you up your social media game!

In the meantime…enjoy our event pictures from last week!








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